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George and April Frey
Missionaries to Quebec-Canada
Since June 1996

Exceedingly Growing Faith Ministries of Canada (Ministeres Foi Croissante et Surabondante du Canada), received it’s official “Letters of Patent” from Industry Canada on April 17, 1996.  EGFM of Canada is a registered charitable organization which operates solely on contributions from partnership,  participation from it’s local membership and free-will donations from individuals, churches and other charitable organizations within the US and Canada.

The main objectives of EGFM are:

  1. To proclaim the Gospel to the local community and surrounding townships through, media and publications, hosting seminars, meetings, conferences and evangelistic campaigns.
  2. To publish and distribute Christian literature, audio-visual material, Bibles, Word of Faith resources and other Christian materials consistent with our stated mission/vision.
  3. To train, equip and educate candidates for service in the ministry and community.
  4. To organize outreach programs and community activities designed for families, youth and children.
  5. To establish places of worship throughout Canada.

In June of 1996, Faith Christian Center of Montreal was established, and in April of 2006 established an outreach in the Ontario area.

EGFM host Leadership Training Seminars, Ministry Workshops, Women’s Conferences, Bible Seminars and Classes, to encourage and equip the indigenous people to live by their faith in God, and to serve Him faithfully. They serve as one of the host organizations for the Canadian Ministers’ Conference held in Toronto-Canada.  Rev. George Frey also teaches bible courses at Rhema-Quebec in Drummondville, Quebec as requested.

EGFM publishes, promotes and proclaims the Gospel of Christ through Seminars, Conferences, The Christian Mind Blog, Meetings, School of Ministry and Publications.